logo-villa-sacchetta There is only one place
where the magic of Venice
and the poetry of nature
Intertwine …


A hidden jewel between islands and lagoon

Surrounded by a magical landscape and a natural environment unique in the world, one of the original ancient fish farms of the Venice Lagoon, Villa Sacchetta is an exclusive villa created for those who wish to discover and enjoy in total privacy a different Venetian experience, set in a convenient location, but at the same time secluded from the thousand wonders of the city.
Villa Sacchetta was inaugurated in June 2010 revealing the charm of a refined oasis built on luxury, tranquillity and peace, offering every kind of comfort and service, all year round.

A new holiday experience is now possible

In a marine ecosystem with zero pollution found only in the Venetian fish farms, and having remained unchanged since the times of the Serenissima Republic, Villa Sacchetta offers the privilege of living in an atmosphere of pure privacy immersed in a natural environment, unknown to most people, but now accessible to an elite group of guests.
The desire to seize the opportunity for a unique holiday, as well as the sensitivity to perceive the value of this part of the lagoon, which is still unexplored and far removed from mass tourism, are the only conditions required to appreciate the extraordinary nature of this lagoon residence, unique, and one of a kind.

Living on a fish farm: a unique experience

Extensive fish farming is a traditional activity having been practiced in the lagoon since the sixteenth century: between islands, lakes, dams and canals, it's as if time has stopped in this corner of the lagoon. Local fishermen populate the small villages, great connoisseurs of the waterways and boats, devoted to hunting and fishing, who have lived for centuries in perfect harmony with the environment. It is a fairy tale microcosm that pulsates around Villa Sacchetta, surrounded by the green of nature and the blue of the sea, overlooking two of the approximately 30 fish farms in the Venetian Lagoon: the valleys Sacchetta and Sacchettina.
Reaching Villa Sacchetta from the mainland or from the sea, you almost seem to be catapulted into one of Canaletto's paintings: the soft amber light of sunset that caresses the calm water and the view that spans Burano to St. Erasmus, towards the horizon, revealing the magic of a mystic Venice, far from its usual glamour and glitz.
It is in these waterways that one understands the inextricable link between Venice and Water: the sea is the "road" through which the Serenissima drew riches, trade, conquest and glory, and the sumptuous Venetian palaces rest on a “cushion” of embedded tree trunks... the element, without which the myth of Venice would not exist.
In the lagoon, during the golden hour of sunset the only sound is the singing of swans, cormorants, herons, gulls and the recently returned pink flamingos, who peep through the reeds and rushes, rummaging among the tamarisk and hiding between the branches of willows and poplars , waiting to catch their prey: the young fish in the farms' natural canals.

Along the sea-embankment, which marks the border between the fish farm and the open lagoon, there are a number of sea-lakes fully equipped for extensive fish farming, full of free roaming fish. Close to the primary barrier, which regulates the inflow and outflow of water, there are the "weirs", water basins that fish follow through an obligatory path to be eventually fished, the "Casòn di valle", which is the house of the fishermen, the fish processing and preservation area, and the "cavàna", the boathouse and equipment store.
In every season of the year a different, fascinating activity can be experienced: in spring there is the "seeding" of the fry, small new-born fish. At the end of the summer the fish feel the call of the sea and during their journey they are "sorted" and captured and passed from one basin to another. Once caught, the fish are selected according to size. Only the fish which are 2-3 years old are caught and processed; the young specimens are placed in special ponds for the winter.

Whoever chooses to stay at Villa Sacchetta, a luxuriously restored historic fisherman's home, may observe, without leaving the grounds, the rhythmic phases of the life of the lagoon. There are one hundred and twenty hectares of exclusive lagoon surrounding the residence, providing an ideal setting for bike trails, or hunting in the muffled autumn mists, and with miles and miles of walking paths immersed in the silence of the surrounding lagoon.
Venice can be reached in 40 minutes by passing through the Pordelio canal either by private boat or by taxi-boat, which dock directly at the private pier of the house; art, history, culture, museums, events, monuments and the designer boutiques of the most romantic city in the world are readily at hand, thanks to a native English-speaking guide, who is always available.